The Rock Master book
The entire story of the climbing competition for the world's champions

Climbing at Arco
by Giulio Mafer and Vinicio Stefanello
translations: Katherine Ackerley, Nicholas Hobley
graphics: Giancarlo Stefanati
editing: Montura Editing
editor: Nicolodi (Rovereto)
press: Grafica 5 (Arco)
pages: 160 with 110 colour photos
languages: Italian and English
price: euro 38
available: 1 September 2005
The book is promoted by the Rock Master Arco Association, the Province of Trento and the Arco Town Council

July 1986: Arco's rock walls, together with those at Bardonecchia, host the second edition of Sportroccia, the event which a year previously had marked the start of the first ever official climbing competitions. This was a sort of dress rehearsal, almost a true competition baptism. At the time one didn't know it, but this was to be the seed of a new era, not only for climbing as a sport but above all for the garden town Arco on Lake Garda. It heralded the start of a competition era and the confirmation of a shared likeness, obvious for some time and never disputed, between Arco and climbing, between the climbers and the white limestone walls in the Sarca valley.

September 1987: the first ever Rock Master, the competition for the world's climbing champions. From that first moment on competitions at Arco never ceased to canalise the world's attention, in doing so becoming the history and synthesis of this new sport. A history which started with the "discovery" of the Sarca valley and those first competitions and which leads up to present day.

This book, which is published in time for the twentieth climbing competition at Arco, explores the path taken via the champions and the many passionate climbers who contributed in rendering Rock Master alive. It is the story of an experience in which the true protagonists are, naturally, the climbers and also the entire territory. Because if it is true that climbers throughout the world have chosen Arco as their privileged destination, it is also true that many have chosen this territory as the ideal place to stay, return and even lay down their roots. It is thanks to this amalgamation of stories and territorial values that Rock Master continues to remain fresh and alive. It is a unique occasion to meet up and climb. To recognise this binding climbing passion and the all-involving beauty of the landscape.

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