News Rock Master - Rock Junior, the great love for climbing
Rock Junior, the great love for climbing
Sunday 2 October 2011. The 10th Rock Junior, the biggest youth climbing happening, came to an end in Arco today. Organised by the Rock Master Association, the meeting beat all previous records with more than 600 young climbers (5 Ė 13 years old) from 20 different countries taking part in the Under 14 Cup, the Kidís Rock and the Family Rock events.
What is the secret of Arcoís Rock Junior? Looking at the crowd of young climbers who filled the Climbing Stadium lawn with red dots during toadyís second day of the European Youth Climbing days, itís easy to understand why. These boys and girls simply make your smile. But what is perhaps more striking is how hard they try. How concentrated they are in their game of climbing. Yes, because at Rock Junior no one does things by halves, they give it their all. So itís probably for this reason that everyone is guaranteed to have fun.

- Final Report Rock Junior 2011


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