Arco and the Rock Master: the competition for the best climbers in the world and for the passion of climbing.
Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September 2005 the best climbers in the world will contend for the mythical Rock Master trophy, the most soughtafter and prestigious competition in the history of sports climbing.

Two days of great climbing. Two days, reserved for the best only. This is what the Rock Master is all about. It's the champion's competition, held every year in Arco during the first week of September. Only the best climbers in the world can aspire to take part in this sporting festival. Only the greatest of every era have won the title. And it has always been this way, since the very beginnings. And this beginning coincides perfectly with the history and evolution of sports climbing competitions. And it is exactly here, on the shores of Lake Garda, that this young sport made its first tentative steps.

It is because of this that the Rock Master is the most noble, historically important and crowd teasing competition of all. It's true passion. An unmissable climbing-equivalent of Wimbledon that dates all the way back to 1986. And this passion will be truly felt next September.

For the athletes this is a fantastic and difficult competition. It is special, with its particular formula comprised of an "on-sight" route to be climbed on the first day, and an after work redpoint route the second. This requires maximum mental concentration and physical form, all of which must be carefully dosed to pushed to the max during the two competition days. Competition strategy, route reading skills and strength management are the key to success, as well as a bit of luck. All climbers dream of victory, and climbing well, giving it everything they have, is obbligatory. Also because the competition is held in front of a competent and enthusiastic crowd - an immense family of passionate climbers who gather in Arco year after year!

As tradition has it, the Rock Master will be followed by the grand final Lattisi Tophy. Or rather, the "duel" between the four best male and female athletes. This competition within the competition is a head to head on identical, parallel running routes. It's a battle against the technical difficulties of the route, but also against the adversary. The athletes have to carefully balance their speed, the rest points and all possible alternatives, constantly monitoring what the other competitor is doing to reach the top first, or climb the highest. tactics and supersonic decision making are the name of the fame in an event where suspense is guaranteed: last year's photofinish in the fantastic race between Alexandre Chabot and Tomās Mrazek had to be seen to be believed!

And, to cap it all, 2005 is the 20th anniversary of the Rock Master competition in Arco: special effects will be laid on by the organising committee, naturally well beyond the vertical!

Rock Master Trophy
when: Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September 2005
where: Climbing Stadium Arco, 18m high, 15m overhanging
formula: this classic difficulty competition takes place over a two-day period: Saturday's on-sight and Sunday's after work redpoint. The points (ie height) are added to create the final results.
athletes: 10-15 climbers in both the men's and women's competition, invited on the basis of the continuously updated worldranking.
winners 2004: Alexandre Chabot (FRA) - Angela Eiter (AUT)

Ennio Lattisi Trophy - "Duel"
when: Sunday 3/09 (after the men's Sint Roc Boulder Contest)
where: Climbing Stadium
formula: the top 4 of the final results Rock Master compete in a head-to-head duel on two identical parallel routes. The highest wins, if both reach the same point then the fastest wins. The winners of the first round (1st vs 3rd, 2nd vs 4th) compete in the final for the Trophy.
athletes: the top 4 of the final results (men and women) of the Rock Master.
route setters: Leonardo Di Marino e Donato Lella
winners 2004: Alexandre Chabot joint equal with Tomās Mrazek - Katharina Saurwein

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